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Son Habana | The Movie (Film Poster)


SON HABANA is an inspiring story about a Cuban band in Los Angeles, CA and their unexpected journey towards survival and success during the quarantine. Faced with the challenges of a global pandemic, the band finds an opportunity to rise above adversity and embrace their passion for music.


Son Habana celebrates the power of music, the indomitable spirit of the Cuban people and the joy of finding unexpected connections during times of adversity. It is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration, reminding us all that through unity, passion, and creativity, we can overcome any obstacle and create something truly extraordinary.

The Music that Saved a Community

Documentary | 50 min


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Message from the director

This film tells a captivating musical story that unfolded in the city of Los Angeles during the pandemic.

It is a testament to the dedicated artistic efforts of the filmmaking and production team.

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Esta película cuenta una cautivadora historia musical que se desarrolló en la ciudad de Los Ángeles durante la pandemia. Es un testimonio de los dedicados esfuerzos artísticos del equipo de cine y producción.

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